Eastern Marathon Investment Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited (formerly Eastern Bay Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited) is one of the earliest explorers and practitioners of value investing in China.

The company's team was founded in 2004 that specialises in entrepreneurs and their families providing long-term asset management services.

We have set up office space in three core cities, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai in order to expand the scope of our research. We attach significant importance to enhance the company's "advancement in system" and "openness of the organisation" to guarantee our continued success.

The company will be in the legal form of a limited liability company and the use of a partnership business model to attract like-minded and highly complementary elite talent.  We are determined to forge the most robust and outstanding asset management company in China.


Affiliates: Shenzhen Eastern Marathon Investment Management Company Limited, a private fund management company registered in Shenzhen, China.


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