Long-term focus on "value investment"; the classic thinking of human investment, combined with China's local practice, to explore the Chinese characteristics of the investment. Main strategy: long-term and centralized investment Auxiliary tactics: valuation-based transactions According to our repeated practice and research on value investment in recent years, "long-term investment" is the most important method of value investment, but not the "all connotation" of value investment; if the market makes the stock price of listed company from undervaluation to too high , Investors timely profit-taking, which is still a classic value of a type of investment. We adhere to the "long-term investment, focus on investing in outstanding enterprises" as the main investment strategy under the premise of improving the investment methods, attention to market changes to the valuation of the enterprise changes. If these changes lead to corporate stock pricing is too low or too high, it will provide holdings and reduction opportunities. Based on the valuation judgment rather than the market's future ups and downs of the "high throw low suction", is the long-term value of the necessary investment tactics, is conducive to maximize the investment income. In short, our main strategy and auxiliary tactics are: long-term and focused investment is the main strategy, based on the valuation of the "high throw low suction" transaction is necessary auxiliary tactics, the use of appropriate, will maximize the investment income.

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